Cardiac Care: Heart Catherization

Cardiac Care: Heart Catherization and Angioplasty

A meeting room comprised of top nurses and senior leaders were discussing our cardiac care services and asked the question: “If you, your spouse or your child were having a heart attack, where would you go?” Without hesitation - our family, our loved ones, we go to Jameson because we know it is the best place to be for cardiac care. We save lives everyday. You don’t need to leave town for expert cardiac care. The specialized care that you need is right at home – at Jameson. 
Jameson offers comprehensive cardiovascular services beginning with advanced diagnostic testing to interventional cardiac catherizations. Your neighbor, Dr. Paul Wawrzynski, as our local cardiologist brings attentiveness, compassion and cardiac expertise. Further enhancing our team is a group of interventional cardiologists that are the most renowned specialists in Pittsburgh who come to you right here in New Castle. Our physician talent, specialized cardiac nurses and technology staff as well as our cutting edge invasive laboratory grants you and your family convenience as well as peace of mind that you are keeping your heart in the right place.
Invasive Laboratory 
The Invasive Laboratory is located on the 1st floor of the Jameson Hospital North Campus. Our lab is fully equipped with diagnostic imaging devices and monitoring equipment that are the latest technology available.  Diagnostic studies requiring digital fluoroscopic, cine and cut film imaging are employed in the lab. The interventional cardiologists that travel to Jameson from Pittsburgh tell us that they love to work in our lab because it is state of the art and equipped with a staff that works efficiently as a team and drive patient-focused care.
Cardiac Catheterizations
There are two primary types of catherizations that occur: diagnostic and interventional. 
A diagnostic catherization is performed as an in-depth study of the functionality of your heart and valves. The cardiologists can view live and recorded digital video of your heart to make diagnoses and determine a treatment plan for any abnormalities they may view.
An interventional catherization, or angioplasty, takes the diagnostic catherization a step further by introducing a stent into clogged arteries of your heart to re-open the “roads” that the blood from your heart must pump through to travel throughout and nourish your body. 
Risk Levels Performed at Jameson
All cardiac catheterization procedures performed at Jameson must be screened to meet "low risk" criteria as mandated by the State of Pennsylvania. If your risk is assessed to be higher, you will be transferred to a tertiary hospital as referred by an invasive cardiologist on staff at Jameson.  High risk or therapeutic catheterizations are referred to outside sources.  Patients with a post catheterization diagnosis that requires immediate intervention will be moved to one of the tertiary centers that have transfer agreements with Jameson.
Your Procedure at Jameson
The examination will be scheduled with the Medical Imaging Department by the invasive cardiologist or his staff.  You will receive pre-procedural education by the department nursing personnel when you arrive for pre-procedure testing.
Typically, diagnostic catherizations are performed on an outpatient basis. As an outpatient, you will be admitted as a Same Day Surgery patient for recovery. The patient will be recovered initially in the Invasive Laboratory and then moved to the appropriate area for their final recovery depending on their post procedural diagnosis status. Outpatients will be released after appropriate discharge criteria are met.
Family and friends are asked to remain in the Same Day Surgery Center waiting area until the patient returns.  The cardiologist will review the results of your study with your family.
If you are scheduled for an interventional catherization, typically you will be admitted on an inpatient basis. Following your procedure, an invasive cardiologist will see you in your room on a nursing unit.
Invasive Diagnostic and Therapeutic Radiology Procedures
The Invasive Laboratory is capable of the full spectrum of diagnostic and therapeutic invasive procedures listed below - plus more. These procedures are scheduled after consultation with a radiologist:
  • Angiography            
  • Angioplasty
  • Embolizations           
  • Filter Placements
  • Biopsies                  
  • Thrombolysis
  • Nephrostomy          
  • Stent Placements
  • Arthrography         
  • Diagnostic and Therapeutic Biliary Procedures
  • Vertebroplasty
Inpatients will be seen and assessed by the Radiologist/Imaging RN prior to scheduling. 


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