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Executive Leadership

Senior Management Team
Douglas Danko, president
Tom Newman, chief financial officer
Elizabeth Piccione, MD, vice president, Medical Affairs
Marianna Stoneburner, MSN, NEA-BC, chief nursing officer and vice president, Patient Care Services
Eric McIntosh, vice president, Human Resources
Albert Boland, vice president, Operations
Charles Rudek, chief information officer
Lisa Lombardo, senior manager, Communications
Frank DiVito, director, Information Systems 
Patty Eppinger, director, Medical Staff Development
Ken Garver administrator, Jameson Care Center, UPMC Senior Communities
Debra Perretta, director, Quality Management Services
Jackie Mattocks, executive assistant  

Medical Executive Committee
William Gilleland, Jr., MD, president, medical/dental staff
Thomas Malvar, Jr., MD, vice president, medical/dental staff
Elizabeth Piccione, MD, vice president, Medical Affairs
Nora Paras, MD, secretary/treasurer
Jerzy Magda, MD, past president
Elbert Acosta, MD, medical chairman
Ramesh Kaul, MD, medical vice chairperson
Angel Toca, MD, surgical chairman
Majed Maalouf, MD, surgical vice chairman
Bharat Bhushan, MD
Matthew Liwski, DPM
Robert McGann, DO
Hany Rezk, MD
Mohamed Tejpar, MD
Douglas Brash, DO

UPMC Jameson Board of Directors
Steven Warner
Jay Bruce
Cheryl Kimmel
Dr. Thomas Malvar, Jr.
Louis Merryman
J. Christopher Miller
Frank Moses
Kenneth Romig

Board of Directors | Jameson Care Center
Robert Wushinske Chairman
Elizabeth Sant, vice chairman
Daniel Vogler, secretary / treasurer
Michael Boyd
Douglas Danko
Richard Martin
Chris Miller
Randall Sumner
Mark Bondi  

Board of Directors | Jameson Health Care Foundation
Frank Moses, chairman
Jay Bruce, Vice-Chairman
Wendell B. Wagner, secretary/treasurer
Robert J. Bruce, board chairman
Glenn Lebby
Debbie Lynch
Dale Perelman
Randy Silverman
Jessica Tomczyk
Thomas White
Eleanor Davis, Emeritus
Marvin Lebby, Emeritus
Fred Rentz, Emeritus
Steven Warner, Emeritus

Board of Directors | Children's Advocacy Center of Lawrence County
Cheryl Kimmel, chairman
Ruth Ray, vice chair
Carolyn Russo secretary / treasurer
Charles Adamo, past chair
Roger Cunningham
Douglas Danko
Susan Hannon
Barbara Hasson
Attorney David Henderson
Thomas S. Mansell
Diana Reed 
Deborah Roud
James Rugh, Jr.
Reverend David Young, Sr. 
Georgia Berner, Emeritus

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