Nutritional Services & Counseling

Jameson Hospital offers patients Menu Plus where daily meal orders are taken electronically using a PDA at the bedside. A Menu Hostess visits each patient daily to obtain their food orders for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A disposable, Tri Fold Pamphlet containing the daily menu selections as well as alternative items is available for each patient. The Menu Hostess gives patients a pamphlet upon admission. The patient will have time to review the pamphlet and refer to it when the Menu Hostess is taking their order.

Additional Nutritional Services for Patients

Additional snacks and nourishments are available by request. Evening nourishments are served to our patients to provide a comforting, healthy treat.

Registered Dietician Counseling

Dietitians offer inpatient and outpatient medical nutrition therapy featuring individualized nutritional counseling. Counseling is based on an analysis of each participant’s medical history, eating habits and lifestyle. A registered dietitian designs each plan to meet any special health needs and participants are counseled on how to fit their meal plan into normal daily living. Patients must obtain a written prescription from their physician with their diagnosis or nutrition concern.

Restricted Diets

Due to medical condition or testing that is scheduled to take place, you may be placed on a restricted diet or fasting as ordered by your physician. Restricted diets can include but are not limited to low sugar, low sodium, no wheat, gluten free, low fat and so on. We work hard to prepare restricted diet meals with creative additions to inspire flavor and textures.

Guest Meals

  • Available for all 3 meals a day at both the North and South Hospital Campuses
  • Guest Tray is served in the room along with Patient Tray
  • Orders can be placed at the Nutritional Services office on the first floor
  • Please order your guest tray at least one (1) hour prior to the following meal times:

Breakfast 7:30 am

Lunch 11:30 pm

Dinner 4:30 pm

Standard food selection prices:

Breakfast $3.00

Lunch $5.00

Dinner $5.00

Additional charges may apply for expanded selections and requests.

Advance Meals

Advance Tray Coupons with the patient’s name and room number written on them, are brought to the Nutritional Services Department by Admissions. The coupons are delivered to the patients by Nutritional Services Menu Hostess. The coupon entitles the visitor to $1.00 off a Guest Tray or 20% off a cafeteria Meal when they go thru the cafeteria line.

Protein Shakes

  • High Calorie High Protein Frozen Supplement
  • Sold to the public
  • Chocolate, Vanilla and Black Raspberry
  • 1 Case = $15.00 (mixed flavors available)
  • Individual Shake = $1.25

Frozen Take Home Meals

  • 14 Varieties
  • Each meal contains:

Meat or Substitute

  • Available 7 days a week, North - 7:00 am – 6:30 pm
  • Available Weekdays, South - 7:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • $3.00 per meal
  • walk in orders taken
  • phone orders accepted

Meals on Wheels

Jameson’s Nutritional Services prepares the meals for the local Lawrence County Meals on Wheels program. One hot and one cold meal are delivered daily to individuals throughout our community for only $5 per day. Many in our community are not able to cook daily meals to receive proper nourishment. For more information on the Meals on Wheels program, call us at 724.654.6155.

Specialty Nutrition & Wellness Programs

In addition to one-on-one Registered Dietician counseling on an inpatient basis to evolve on an outpatient basis, we offer a variety of specialized nutrition and wellness programs that may be a right fit for you. Some are classroom-based and others are one-on-one. View our Nutrition & Wellness Programs page for a listing of available programs.



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