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At Jameson Health System, quality patient care and services are our top priority. Your care teams are dedicated to delivering exceptional experiences. We encourage you to keep your team of health care professionals informed throughout your hospital stay to ensure that all of your needs are being met.

We understand there's a lot to know when you or your loved one are in the hospital. We've developed a Guide to share key information and resources, and you will have our teams with you to navigate your care and services.

Jameson Hospital Guide to Patient and Guest Services

In addition, here is information that may help you to prepare for a stay or procedure at the hospital.

Upon entrance to Jameson Hospital, if you need help finding your way, please stop by the Concierge Services Desk or for information visit the Guest Services Desk. Both desks are on the right wall as you enter the main entrance. If you would like to register, proceed to the Registration Desk straight ahead, just past the first bank of elevators on your left. If you are a direct admission between the hours of 6pm and 6am, please register in the Emergency Department located on the Ground Floor.

Bedside Shift Handoff Report
To offer you more personalized care, our nursing staff conducts change of shift reports at the bedside. This means that when our nursing staff changes shifts at 7:00 a.m., 3:00 p.m., 11:00 p.m. and occasionally 7:00 p.m., they will meet with you in your room to introduce the oncoming nurse to review your history and treatment plan and to answer any questions that you may have. Bedside shift report improves safety, teamwork amongst staff, and provides you the opportunity to be more directly involved in your care. Please encourage your family members and care givers to participate in shift report at the above-listed timeframes. You may opt out of bedside shift report if you wish to not be disturbed during certain times. If you are sleeping, the nurses will not wake you unless you prefer.

Billing Questions
Prior to your visit, it is recommended that you discuss your coverage with your insurance carrier to confirm the extent of your coverage and if it is accepted at Jameson Hospital. Our facility charges are available upon request. For charge information, please call 724.656.4665.

Financial assistance is available for un- and under-insured individuals. Income guidelines determine the amount that a person is eligible to receive in charity care. If your income exceeds the maximum requirements to have your bill written off in part or in full, we offer flexible payment plans and discounts. For more information, please call our Business Office at 724.656.4189.

As a not-for-profit organization, Jameson Health System provides life-saving care and services to the residents of our region regardless of health insurance coverage or ability to pay. Each year, JHS provides approximately $20 million in charitable services for Community Benefit. Learn about our Free Care Policy

Mobile Phones
The use of mobile phones is permitted in all areas except the Critical Care Unit and Emergency Department.  Jameson Hospital encourages patients and visitors to be courteous and respectful to others and when possible use mobile phones in common areas away from patient rooms

Guest Dining for Visitors
If your visitors would like to dine with you, simply ask your Nurse, Aide or Nutritional Services Representative to order a guest tray for your visitors. A guest tray is $5. Guests may also visit the Cafeteria located on the 1st floor or the Hostess Shop in the main lobby of the 1st floor for home-cooked comfort food, soups, sandwiches, and more (including our self-proclaimed best milkshakes in New Castle).

Hand Washing / Infection Control
You will notice that our employees wash their hands often. Jameson consistently receives maximum achievement levels for infection prevention and control. There are many strategies and factors that go into these outcomes. One of the easiest, most effective is frequent hand-washing by all staff.

ID Bracelet / Unique Identifier Checks
You may notice that each time a care team member is administering medication or a test they ask to see your hospital identification bracelet. This is a #1 Patient Safety imitative to ensure that you are receiving the treatment or medication that has been ordered for you.

Meal Selection
Food is an important element of your experience and coming from a community with some of the best homemade ethic cuisine, we take our food seriously! Homemade rolls, thoughtful main dishes and delicate desserts help to make you feel at home. We want to make sure that you have your choice to try some of your favorite dishes while you are staying with us. A Nutritional Services representative will communicate with you daily to optimize your selections.

It is important to remember, based on your medical condition or procedures that are schedule for you, we may have orders from your doctor that you cannot eat or be given a restricted diet of low sugar or low sodium, for example. Trays with restricted diets will, of course, taste a little differently than a non-restricted diet tray but our cooks put their heart and soul into each plate to give you a meal that is a comfort of home.

Medical Health Information Resource
For medical information online, we recommend Medline Plus for health information, and for information about medications. You can also find answers to your health-related questions in our Medical Library located in the School of Nursing building, across from the main entrance of the Emergency Department at Jameson North. We have a wide variety of materials for you to explore.

Medical Records
With JHS MyCARE: Your online health information link - you can access your hospital discharge information in the form of a Continuity of Care Document including all key details. You can also view your outpatient diagnostic results online! Medical imaging results are viewable, and very soon laboratory results can be retrieved from MyCARE. Visit our JHS MyCARE page to learn all about the free and secure health information portal that will keep you, your family, and your medical professionals engaged and conneted to your care.

You can view, save and print your medical information from MyCARE, and you can also request a hardcopy to be mailed, e-mailed, or faxed from our Health Information Management department. For information to access your health information in any form, you may contact them directly at 724.656.4066.

Notary Services
If you require notary services as an inpatient, call the operator by dialing 0 and request to schedule an appointment with one of our in-house notaries to accommodate your needs.

Organ & Tissue Donation
When your loved one passes, it may provide comfort to know that through the charity of organ and tissue donation, their spirit can live on by saving lives and helping others. The Center for Organ Recovery & Education (CORE) is the organization that manages donations that are sourced through Jameson. Our nurses and staff as well as representatives from CORE are glad to speak with you to help you make the decision if organ donation is the option right for you or your loved one.

Patient Advocate l Manager Rounding Program
It is our goal to provide each patient with an experience that is exceptional, high quality care with ongoing and meaningful communications. A Patient Advocate is available if there is anything that can be done to enhance the quality of your experience. You can request an advocate by dialing 0 when inside the hospital and by calling our main number when outside of our facilities at 724.658.9001.

We have a manager rounding program at Jameson Hospital where managers from all disciplines visit our patients to ensure that focused practices within all areas of care are upheld to the highest of standards. Any manager or supervisor is always your advocate to help you navigate resources to enhance your experience.

Patient Privacy, Dignity and Ethics
Upholding The Patient Bill of Rights is of foremost concern to us. We firmly protect Patient Health Information (PHI) under The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Beyond confidentiality and keeping health record information secure, we respect our patients’ rights to their dignity and privacy as a patient within our Health System. We will make every effort to ensure that you have a secure comfort level with the delivery of your care.  If you feel that you are at a crossroads with making a medical decision and have already consulted with your physician(s), family members, clergy or other health care providers, you can reach out to a Patient Advocate to help you can objectively help you to evaluate your options. A Patient Advocate can be requested from the operator by dialing 0 when inside the hospital and by calling our main number when outside of our facilities at 724.658.9001.

View a complete listing of your Patient Rights and Responsibilities.

Social Services
Social Workers are here for you to help you navigate needs following discharge and to manage any transitions of your care. You may dial 0 or from an outside line call our main number at 724.658.9001 and request a Social Worker, at any time of the day or night.

What to Bring
You may want to bring slippers with non-skid soles, a robe, your toothbrush and any amenity from home that will help to make your stay more comfortable. We will do everything possible to make you feel at home during your stay at Jameson Hospital.

If we can be of assistance to answer any further questions, please contact the Jameson Hospital Public Relations department at 724.656.4145.


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