Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine in Our Schools
Jameson Rehabilitation Center offers a comprehensive Sports Medicine Program to area athletes. Under the supervision of a physical therapist who works directly with our athletic trainers, our Sports Medicine Program includes pre-season screenings, injury evaluation, taping, rehabilitation and educational programs. Our trainers are on-site at the community’s local high school games and are present at all practices to assist with any injuries that occur. An added comfort is given to rehabilitating injured student athletes when they attend the Jameson Rehabilitation Center and work with their trainer who knows them, understands their injury and cares about getting them back on the field safely.

Jameson has recently partnered with NOGA Ambulance Service Inc. to introduce innovative athletic equipment new to the New Castle area to promote the safety of local high school student athletes. In seasons past, protocol for an injury at area high school football games called for the athlete to be carefully rolled onto a flat, hard-surface one-size-fits-all board to then be gingerly carried off the field by numerous trainers simultaneously securing the player’s neck. Now, injured athletes will be carried off the field on inflatable boards that form fit to each individual.  
In addition, Jameson Rehabilitation Center and NOGA Ambulance Service Inc. convinced New Castle’s local school districts to purchase new helmets featuring pop-off facemasks that allow the trainers to administer CPR more quickly.  Previously, facemasks had to be broken and cut off of the player prior to initiating rescue techniques.  We are continually working to improve the safety of the student athletes in our community.
IMPACT Program Select school districts have opted to participate in the IMPACT program where pre-season testing is conducted with student athletes to set a baseline for detection of head injuries including concussions. Physicians are then able to diagnose and treat based on forensic data specific to the individual to keep our students safe.
For more information on the Jameson Sports Medicine Program in our schools, contact Terry Gibson, Director of Rehabilitation Services:


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