Stroke Services


Stroke Services
Jameson Hospital’s telemedicine stroke program involves the use of video and computer equipment to bring 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on-site neurology to the Emergency Department through a neurologist at UPMC reading cat scans and participating in the diagnosis and treatment of patients who present in the Emergency Department with stroke symptoms.

Jameson Hospital believes in early treatment and rehabilitation of stroke patients to help them at every phase of care.  Our program includes acute stroke treatment, rehabilitation and support services. We work to serve our patients from the moment they enter our Emergency Department, through hospitalization, rehabilitation, after-care and their return to the community.

Our stroke rehabilitation services offer a unique, comprehensive and individualized team approach to help stroke patients.  Our care givers help stroke survivors reach their maximum level of independence. We offer an acute inpatient rehabilitation unit, along with speech pathology, occupational therapy and physical therapy.

We also provide outpatient rehabilitation services. Our rehabilitation team provides ongoing education about stroke and preventing complications.  


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